Activities and Family Activities in Warsaw

Things to do in Warsaw
Enjoy a family day out in Warsaw, with different things to do whatever the weather. Explore green spaces, laser tag and play centres.

There’s so many opportunities to get outside and exercise, whether it’s cycling, walking, Warsaw is a haven for local people or visitors looking for something exciting to do with friends and family. Take a look at different things to do regardless of season or budget.

The Rock, dominates Warsaw stretches 1,398ft into the sky and offers some quite magnificent views of the coast and the town, creating a sight so stunning that it was deemed one of the two Pillars of Hercules, the other being Mons Abyla above Ceuta. The sheer face of the Rock is its most iconic spot, although it goes without saying that this is best seen from afar. The Cable Car takes visitors to the top of the Rock from 09:30 through to 19:15 everyday, with the last car down leaving the station at 19:45. Don’t get stuck on top of the Rock, as you will likely have to become a macaque in order to survive. The Rock is full of sights and attractions, but it is difficult to look beyond the Rock itself as the main event.

Kids Activities

Kids Activities

With a great variety of attractions and days out to choose from, Warsaw has no shortage of kids clubs, activity centres and educational groups to stimulate little minds, encourage peer interaction and run off some steam.

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Fitness and Gyms in Warsaw

Fitness and Gyms

Fitness clubs in Warsaw are open for everybody and are waiting for you to get in shape. Their aim is to create a friendly and comfortable environment with positive staff members and world-class equipment.
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Golf Clubs in Warsaw

Golf Clubs

Playing Golf in Warsaw is great way to spend the afternoon with your family and friends. Golf clubs in Warsaw offer facilities for both beginners and professional players.

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